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"...I believe the book will help people become aware of their place in creation, and to know that they are all related, and that life is worth living."
Ė George Horse Capture, Jr.
Montana Gros Ventre

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Native American Spirituality can be a bridge to re-discovering your wisdom!

One manís spiritual journey to rediscover the passion and hope he felt in the sixties. His encounter with two warriors from the Sioux Nation, lead him back to his spirit, his wisdom, and the belief that he can still make a difference!


Are you working a job for five, ten, or fifteen years that you dislike, that has never felt right? Have you always felt your destiny was somewhere else? You are one of the specific people I wrote the book for! I want to help you in getting unstuck! I believe there are insights in The Woodstock Bridge that will give you a gentle nudge! I invite you to read it. I want you to find your destiny! It is possible to change!



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