"We must let our roots grow deep into Mother Earth. Look at that tree that reaches high, the old tree that has grown its roots deep. It stands tall and touches Tunkashila. But the tree that rushes its growth and makes a shallow base, what will become of it? The first big wind will push it over. And that's what your people have done. They don't root themselves in the earth first. They don't appreciate the earth for what it is. They don't believe it is a living thing. They must touch the earth. To touch the earth is to appreciate your mother, your true mother. For it is She who keeps me alive. It is the She who kept my mother alive."

– Black Hawk from The Woodstock Bridge



Author's Biography

“A Marvelous Adventure! I Recommend It Highly.”
- RICHARD CARLSON, author of the NY Times Best Seller, Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

"I read it cover to cover. I was inspired!”
– JOSEPH BAILEY, author of Slowing Down to the Speed of Life and other books
“I didn’t put the book down until it was finished! My feeling was, it gave respect and honor to the Great Native American cultures. It’s a fine book and very worthwhile reading.”
– GORDON BIRD, Musician — Mandan-Hidatsa-Arickara Nation
“I recognized a lot of truth in Greg’s book, the kind of truth that is timeless. People, if they sit and read and don’t force themselves, should find help on their journey in these pages. I believe the book will help people become aware of their place in creation, and to know that they are all related, and that life is worth living.”
– GEORGE HORSE CAPTURE, Jr. — Montana Gros Ventre

"You are holding one of the keys that could change the way you think about yourself. Use it to open the door to a new and better way of life."
– Brian Jud, Author, Publisher and Television Host

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