Have you thought this: “I am so tired of not being who I really want to be!” You’re one of the people The Woodstock Bridge was written for! John,the character in the book faces the same desire. Like him you can take a first step to move forward. No matter how small, it’s a first step! I invite you, my brother or sister, to purchase The Woodstock Bridge. I believe you will find some powerful guidance to support you.



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Gregory Drambour has been on spiritual journey since he became sober many years ago. That path started him on the road to many adventures and learning experiences. In 1987, his interest in Native American culture and shamanism was sparked by the work of Carlos Castaneda and the meeting of his animal totem in the California desert.  Eventually, Greg was led to the Black Hills in South Dakota, a place that felt like a long-lost home to him. His experiences with the Holy Men in the Northern Plains taught him many things but most of all that it is not what you do but how you do it that brings joy to your life. Greg's mission is to use his clairvoyant gifts and shamanic abilities to help people move forward on their journey. The Woodstock Bridge is about the warrior’s spirit that lives inside of each of us; it is about crossing the bridge from one’s heart to one’s life.

Greg comes from a lineage of writers, artists, and inventors. He is a cancer survivor and owns a spiritual retreat organization in Sedona, Arizona:
Sedona Sacred Journeys. He has written eight scripts for movies and televisionThe Woodstock Bridge is his first book. At present, Greg is working on his new book, DRAW NO CONCLUSIONS, about his four year journey with cancer.  Keep your eye out for it!

Check out Greg's online columns: Sedona Retreat Stories , Sedona Vortex Stories, Spiritual Retreats, Shamanic Training

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